The detailed writing requirements can be found here+

The quality control process is the same with the one adopted for the printed journal. According to this procedure, the steps are the following

  • The paper is submitted
  • The paper is conveyed to the editorial board
  • The paper is examined in terms of being scientifically sound, a new research, the presentation being according to the official template and the relation to the field.
  • The editorial board analyses the paper extracting the appropriate data and compares it to the journal standards
  • Finally the paper is classified as accepted, rejected or requiring further processing
  • In all cases the author is informed via e-mail
  • Under the condition that the paper is classified as “requiring further processing”, the author will receive a detailed not of the details that need attention, along with a specific deadline for resubmission

The journal has adopted a non profit policy. Accordingly there are not any handling fees, publication fees or similar being charged. Based on that policy the journal applies an open access function.

Any information needed for the copyright policy can be found in the “open access” sector.

The paper submission process can be found at the “author guidelines” sector

If additional information or assistance is required please contact the secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.